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After giving birth to my 5th child 3 years ago, I weighed 79 kg. In addition to looking fat and heavy, I had a lot of pain, like I was short of breath to walk a little longer, and I couldn’t move my arms when I slept at night.

Since the youngest daughter was fed only with breast milk, she ate nutritious food as much as possible until she ate instant food such as bantan and yogurt, and she did not lose even 1 kg until she was 8 months old. Since then, I’ve been exercising and dieting many times, and after 2 years, I’ve been able to get into the healthy shape that I like. During this time, no matter how many times I want, I can’t achieve what I want. Naturally, I have been born many times.

But later when I went to the gym, I was proud to see women who were born obese, but behaved indistinguishable from any other young women. You have achieved the desired result, now that everything has become a routine, pay attention to the areas that you should pay more attention to, eat foods that are good for your stomach, health, skin, and hair, and continue. If you have the opportunity to exercise for 20 minutes without forcing yourself to do it for 1 hour a day, it feels good. For me, I just sit on my yoga mat at home, and sometimes I want to do it on YouTube, and if I have 20-30 minutes to spare, I do it right away. (inspired by a friend)

Now, let’s get behind the immediate plan 2 exams and work hard to reach the destination we planned to do. Well, if you try to do what you want to do, try hard and don’t cut it off as much as possible, you will get there.

I have a lot of experience and I’m not a great person. But I always remind myself that everything can be done if you always want someone, believe that you can do it, and move continuously, persistently and with a plan. Sometimes there are many times when I lose my plans, so I don’t blame myself, but now I can go ahead and do it.

I wrote to hope that there are obese mothers who have given birth to many children and are approaching 40 to be encouraged. If there is something you want to do, set a goal and keep trying

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