A recipe for potato mash in a pan

Must Try


Potatoes – 1 kg

Salt to taste

Pepper – same taste

Kash- 2 spoons /can be made into flour/

Mozzarella – 50g

Pasta sauce – to your liking

Meat – 500g

Bay leaves – 2 pcs


Milk – 50 ml

Egg yolk – 2 pcs

1-2 onions (depending on how big or small they are)

Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them into small pieces and boil them with salt and basil leaves. After the potatoes are done, strain them and add butter, egg yolk, and milk and mash them. Then put the oil in a pan and fry the onions and meat until brown (about 5 minutes) and add black pepper and kasha. If there is no kash, you can add flour. Spread it evenly in the pan. Put the mashed potatoes on top, spread it evenly, apply the pasta, add the cheese and bake for 10 minutes on low heat.


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