It is bad to get rich suddenly, and it is bad to be full

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When Mongolians think about getting rich, they either choose the “cash” method or they are full of desire to get rich “suddenly”. It seems that he no longer knows the oral law of life and the teachings of his parents, “It is bad to get rich suddenly, and it is bad to be full.”

“Put hushas on ready-made items

“Retreat from difficult things”

Almost everyone has the intention of “implementing” the oral teachings. Since that “cashing out” is not going to work, they are caught in the “black house” by planting their hands in the “theft” and “robbery” crimes. As officials with authority, they “conspire”, “speak” and “cheat” and “suddenly get rich” by secretly pocketing state money, budget funding, and foreign aid. In recent years, it has always been heard that such officials can deprive themselves, others, and even their wives and children.

However, our country is unique in the opportunity to “get rich for free”. It is an amazing phenomenon that one third of the working population is poor and more than two thirds are middle class because they still lack the resources to “absorb” the blessings of mother nature. As long as the society of market relations is chosen, the accumulated experiences of various nations in the Western countries for more than 200 years, the difficulties, crises, and ways of getting rich are clear, but those who lack the wisdom to learn from it or do not know it will perish due to the lack of life thinking. started.

However, the main method of “getting rich” has always been one classic that does not require knowledge. He is the “labourer” Marx, who studied the capitalist society and wrote his genius classic “Capital”, declared that “the laborer has become rich”. Therefore, labor is not only a means of “getting rich”, but also a “golden key” to get rich, a magic that makes a person unique and separates him from animals. Mongolians have followed this for many years by raising five types of herds and growing rich and full with the “herdsman’s labor”. and it has a history of building the world by supporting its warrior strength.

Mongolian herders have been working tirelessly every day, “every family is a factory, every person is a producer”. There was a tradition of making more than 1,500 products for their needs (requiring 2,000 actions) by a man and a woman separated into families, with the help of their children and families. When Mongolians were self-made people, they were self-made people.

However, from the middle of the twentieth century, after learning the “bad habit” of European settlers who made things for others and bought them from the store, they were influenced by the “cashing” mentality, and eventually the wife could not sew a dress, the husband could not go shopping, and the man could not build a house. Shavar This is how he “betrayed” the teachings of his ancestors, “If you sit in the mud on the balcony, the Mongols will lose their Mongols.”

Two or three whole “bands” of weak-bodied and armless people sit behind the desk and memorize the teacher’s words, freeing themselves from “physical labor” and freeing themselves from “physical labor”. When it was filled with people with “poor movement of hands” and “permanent movement of mouths” because it was prepared through generations, it suddenly shouted loudly that “it will enter the market system”.

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