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It seems that young people are very interested in the topic about friends this time. Since yesterday, there are people who even wrote e-mails asking for advice about a friend. I try to teach people to think better on their own rather than telling them. I don’t like to give ready-made recipes.

Since philosophy is not a religion, it does not teach everything knowingly, but it teaches thinking for the further development of the individual, so it is not a dogma, but enlightenment.

A friend comes and goes like a waiter in a restaurant. In other words, waiters always change. Therefore, if a friend leaves, don’t feel bad. Being hurt is putting yourself down a lot. Also, don’t feel too sorry for your friend. Pity is putting the other person down too much. Therefore, you should not be too dependent on your friend and be ready to meet him at any time. One should always keep one’s price high.

There is also a saying that only a person who can go without friends can make friends. It’s important to be friends when you’re friends, and to be able to take yourself away when you’re not friends. At the end of the day, it’s important to become an independent person who doesn’t depend on anyone. Anyone can be friends with anyone. Men, women, old and young, criminals are not criminals. Everyone is trained and experienced in Amidral.

There is a possibility to choose a friend, but in Ulaanbaatar, a new friend can be a friend of an old friend, so the choice is limited. In countries with hundreds of millions of people, flying from friend to friend is not the case. The reason for this is, of course, that morals are taught at home and in educational institutions, so it is not only shown in movies, but also that they are not so open.

Parents should read this topic about friends more than young people. After all, parents always fail because of their useless friends who have more bad friends than the youth. Therefore, young people should read this topic to their parents and advise them to give up some friends and learn to go without friends. It is necessary to demand separation from vain friends who do not leave. Some moms and dads need to be encouraged to call their friends and apologize and have the courage to be friends with them instead of being offended.

Chapter 2 of the book ends with the theme of this friend. In the next chapter 3, I will write on the topic of “Freedom to Create Yourself”, so it will probably go into the innermost part of a person. Let’s see. As you write, the topic unfolds beautifully.


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