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An ugly gray house that no one cares about its exterior color. Every day, domestic and foreign guests and tourists come here from morning to night, but the noise is silent. This is because the citizens of this city come to enjoy the art exhibition that is always held in the gray building on the free viewing day that is announced once a month. People who were waiting for the auditorium to open in the morning, as soon as the doors opened, they all entered with their tickets. Paintings and poetry. Among them, a man who takes notes with a pen and paper looks very strange. Dan was carrying a backpack that was too big to smother himself in with his shirt open. Anything can be in a backpack. But for a young man, his beard and hair have grown a lot, but his eyes are still the same. He seemed to like the picture “Man and Woman” and looked at it carefully. In red, there are two white dots in the middle. The young man marked “ME” in his notebook and went to the next picture. The bare footprints of a person who walked on the white snow. As the trail went farther and farther away, it got smaller and disappeared. The young man wrote “I AND WE” in his diary. The young man dissolved into a completely different world. The seven colored notes are drawn sequentially in green, blue, yellow, red, pink, black, and gray. After thinking for a long time, the young man wrote “LIFE” on his note and went to the last picture. That picture hung on the door as if it were haunted. The young man’s eyes were sad. When it rains and when it snows, the eyes that like to stare out of the window for a long time appeared there.

An impassable vast desert. Every grain of sand shines like gold and excites human greed. An old man throwing a fishing hook in the hot sun, sitting on a dead end chair in the middle of the desert. An empty bucket was placed in front of him. The old man’s hook can be seen being thrown at an empty bucket. Perhaps, during the Cretaceous period, this desert was filled with waves and fishes. If you count the wrinkles on his forehead, they will tell you how old he is. The seagull begged for food from the old man and sat down, which is a sign that he did not lose faith. Maybe if I were in the place of the young man, I would call this picture “THE FAITH OF AN OLD MAN.” The young man was standing. Thoughts are still floating in the brain, the sun shining through the window has already fallen on the floor…

Sorry, it’s time to close our exhibition. “You really like this picture,” said the museum’s interpreter as she approached the young man. Startled, the young man dropped his notebook on the ground. Female Narrator:

Oh, I apologize for making you nervous

I could not name this picture. In this desert where there is no grass or plants, what did this old man believe in throwing a hook to scoop up fish from an empty bucket? The young man opened his mouth jokingly saying that he is crazy, he should be crazy. The museum interpreter asked, “Would you like to meet the artist who painted this picture?” The young man nodded. The woman smiled:

It is said that the artist painted himself. You’ve just fallen for this old man’s hook. You are the old man’s fish. We are just like when we are looking for food and we get tricked by someone’s hook. “Would you mind if I write the name of this picture in your notebook?” the woman took the pen and wrote “Fisherman”. When a young man walks out of the auditorium, he imagines many things in his mind. Outside, the yellow horizon has already left the day and gone to meet the morning. But the young man walked towards the night with a pack of cigarettes.


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