Habits that affect hair loss

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Sometimes trying to get rid of dandruff can make the condition worse. For example, you don’t wash your hair too often or for a long time. There are also changes in hair care methods.

Our daily bad habits can affect hair loss.

Wash daily

If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, sebum accumulates on the scalp and mixes with sweat, causing dandruff. But shampoo should not be used every day. It removes oils that are important for hair to be nourished and strong. Experts recommend washing your hair once every 2-3 days to avoid all these problems.

Do not use a hair fan

Washing your hair removes the natural oils. That sebum or “skin whale” needs to be replenished, and this role is performed by the hair dryer fan. It adds vitamins, nutrients and shine to your hair and prevents it from becoming too dry.

Do not completely remove hair care products

Do not leave hair care products after washing your hair. Failure to rinse thoroughly with water can lead to hair loss.

Not combing properly

Brushing your hair improves blood circulation and regenerates dead skin cells. Brush your hair every day as it will also remove dirt. Brush your hair in the morning and evening. But don’t comb too often. It causes hair loss. Avoid hard-toothed combs that can damage the scalp.

Not changing shampoos or using specific anti-dandruff shampoos

Most conventional shampoos can irritate the scalp. It may take some time to find the right shampoo, but changing your shampoo regularly is an effective method. You can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

You change your hair style all the time

If mousses, gels, and hair sprays aren’t properly cleaned, they can build up over time and make your hair greasy and dirty. As a result, the scalp becomes dry and itchy. Plus, the chemicals in these products can weaken your hair and cause it to fall out easily. You may also be sensitive to some skin care products, so be careful with the products you choose.

Too much stress

When under stress, the immune system weakens, hair becomes greasy, fungi and malassezia develop. If you think stress is contributing, try mindfulness, yoga, or meditation. These will help you relax.

Excessive consumption of sugar

Sugar can also affect the health of your hair by creating a hormonal imbalance in your body. When blood sugar levels rise, the sebaceous glands begin to produce more oil. So limit your intake of sweets.

You don’t eat right

High-fat dairy products and saturated fat increase inflammation. As a result, the sebaceous glands begin to secrete a lot of oil. To control this, try eating foods rich in zinc and B vitamins. Bananas are rich in these nutrients. Also, be sure to include seafood, nuts, and avocados as sources of zinc.

Not moisturizing enough

Scalp is like any other skin on the body and needs the same care. Dry scalp can cause itching. So apply moisturizer to your scalp.

Another moisturizing method is to mix egg yolk with yogurt, lemon and honey and apply it to dry hair and massage it into your scalp. Put a cap on your hair and then shampoo it. Egg yolks are rich in protein and vitamins that your hair needs.

You don’t massage your head

For those who want to grow hair, scalp massage is a helpful method. Don’t forget to gently massage your scalp with or without a hair mask. Do not rub too hard as the skin is very sensitive. You can do a gentle massage even with dry hair. This will soften the scalp. If it itches, don’t give in to the urge to scratch.

Do not protect from the sun

In addition to moisturizing and massaging, protect your hair from the sun. Especially if you have short hair. Sunburn can make dandruff worse. If you have short hair, you can apply sunscreen to your scalp. If you have medium or long hair, wear a hat.


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